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Reece Vogel, B.S. 
Office Administrator

Reece Vogel

Reece is the main point-of-contact for CAAC and, as a seasoned customer service specialist, he likes to stay busy! Reece is always happy to walk you through care options, explain insurance coverage, and match your family with the best provider for your unique needs.  Reece is especially passionate about helping members of the LGBTQ community and individuals on the autism spectrum receive care to help them thrive.

As the first in his family to graduate college, Reece was ecstatic to achieve his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and loves to learn as much as he can about psychological development. Reece was raised in Los Angeles, but he much prefers the diverse wildlife and greenery of Georgia. When he’s not in the office, Reece stays busy with jogging, caring for his two parrots, and shopping with friends.

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