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How Can You Access Interpreter Services Through Insurance?

The Atlanta area is a melting pot of many cultures and languages. At Children’s Autism Assessment Center, we know that not every family speaks English, and we don’t want any family to not have access to care for speaking another language. Language and interpreter services are available for non-English-speaking patients and/or their guardians. These services are usually provided and covered by your insurance company, but the process may be different with each company. Always reach out to your insurance provider via online portal or phone to access instructions or limitations. 

To help families understand their translation options through insurance, here is a brief overview of how to access these benefits through our accepted insurance plans.

Medicaid/ SSI/ Katie Beckett:

For families that are enrolled in straight GA Medicaid, or are enrolled in SSI or Katie Beckett waiver programs, you usually have access to interpreters and language assistance through the state’s Limited English Proficiency/Sensory Impairment (LEP/SI) Program. To get assistance with setting up an interpreter for your appointments, please contact a representative through their email:

Peach State Health Plan:

“Interpreter services are provided free of charge to you during any service or grievance process. This Includes American Sign Language and real-time oral interpretation” (peach state health plan, 2024).

These benefits also include having documents translated into a language other than English, including braille. 

Peach State will arrange an interpreter for your medical, behavioral, or mental health appointment if you call their member services line at 1-800-704-1484. 


With the help of CareSource, providers have access to online/virtual, in-person, or call-in interpreters through a secondary company, Propio. Depending on the language, some interpreters are available on demand, but others may have to be scheduled in advance. If you have CareSource and require assistance with your appointments, please let our staff know so that they can make arrangements for your family. 

Private Insurance Companies (IE. Anthem/ BCBS, UHC, Aetna):

Each individual plan has their own process to obtain an interpreter. Many of these plans allow you to log in to your insurance provider’s member portal to request one, or they may have a number on the back of your member ID card to call. If you require additional assistance during your call, please feel free to add us to the call by dialing us at (404)390-1322. 

Please contact our office for additional assistance or problem solving, and we will be happy to help. If you are unable to communicate in English with us via phone, you can send an SMS message to (404)390-1322 in your preferred language, and we will use a web-based translation service to assist you to the best of our ability. 


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