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How Our Process Works And May Differ From Other Offices

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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See how our process works


1. Submit a new appointment request:

Our process starts by us finding out a little more about yourself so please fill out all of the fields on the new patient appointment form that apply to you. This will help us figure out which doctor and appointment will fit best for your family. All appointments must be made and attended by the legal medical decision maker unless a designation of care waiver has been signed by both parties ahead of time.

2. CAAC calls you to set an appointment:

After we receive the appointment request, someone from the CAAC team will call you to schedule you for your 1st appointment based on your families individual needs. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROCESS MAY BE DIFFERENT BASED OFF OF YOUR FAMILIES NEEDS AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE DIFFERENCES AT THE TIME OF SCHEDULING.

3. Complete paperwork within 5 days of appointment:

Once you have been scheduled you will receive an email to sign up for the patient therapy portal. This is free and you do not need to download anything. In the portal you will find all of your patient paperwork. This paperwork must be filled out 5 business days prior to your appointment or your appointment will be subject to change. This paperwork is very important because it allows our team to verify your insurance and learn more about the patient's history before your first appointment.

4. 1st Appointment (1 Hour): Intake Q&A with Guardian online via telehealth

To join this virtual appointment, you will log in to your Therapy Portal and click on the "Join the Telehealth Call" button and your doctor will join shortly after. This appointment is a diagnostic interview. You can expect to be asked about your or your child's presentation, as well as about your or your child's development, medical history, and academic history. If you are a parent, the psychologist may also ask to observe or speak with your child during this appointment. HOWEVER, it is not always necessary for your child to be present for this appointment so please let the office admin know if you have any concerns about this.

5. 2nd Appointment (1-4 Hours): Testing with Patient In person at CAAC office

After intake, the psychologist creates an individualized assessment plan and typically schedules you to return on another day for testing (usually 1-2 weeks out from the 1st appointment). Testing typically includes the use of standardized assessment measures (e.g., ADOS-2) to gather information regarding a person’s behavioral and developmental functioning. This time may consist of interviews, structured or unstructured observations, self- parent- and/or teacher rating measures, and structured testing.

6. 3rd Appointment (1 Hour): Review Report & follow-up phone call with Guardian

Following testing, a follow-up session is scheduled (typically 1 week from testing). In between these appointments your doctor uses this time to score testing material, find resources, go over parent/teacher rating forms and write the report. You will receive your or your child’s report on your Therapy Portal on the day of your 3rd appointment. Our goal for this session is to help you understand all parts of your or your child's report, go over any provided diagnoses, provide recommendations, and help set a path for your and your child's success.

*additional consultation appointments may be available if your family needs further assistance or extra supports.

*IEP meetings: your doctor may be available to participate in these meetings if discussed in advanced. These meetings are not covered by insurance providers and will be billed as $200/ hour.

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